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Client :Saline Water Conversion Corporation

The main problems faced by SWCC:

  • The existing system is obsolete where spare parts are no more available and proper maintenance became challenging which put the operation sustainability of SWCC in high risk.
  • The stability of control system became low because of old age of automation system which lead to lot of unknown failures in the existing systems.
  • The existing automation and SCADA system don’t have modern tools for tracing problem and faults which increase the process drop time and faults maintenance time.

Solution features:

  • ATC has success stories with the same client in similar applications.
  • ATC has been shot listed/prequalified based on field proven experience in other similar large size projects which was competitive covering all project scope.
  • ATC has provided aggressive price covering all project scope w/o deviations.
  • The project scope being “upgrade ” of a live critical system is required to be done with minimum shutdown where the system represent the most important water source to the central region of Saudi Arabia.
  • The system size is massive since it stretches over 1100 Km ( from Jubail to Riyadh and Riyadh to Qassem).
  • Client will have reliable and updated system for the pumping of desalinated potable water to the capital city of Saudi Arabia and also the important remote city of Qassem.
  • Operation efficiency will be increased due to the supplied monitoring & control system.
  • The client has less operational cost by decreasing required maintenance team depending on new maintenance tool and by decreasing maintenance time.
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