Maintenace, Repair & Operations

We’ve developed our Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) unit to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for optimizing their operations and maintenance requirements.

Our goal is to assist with the strategic planning of critical spare parts and preventive maintenance procedures, in order to help customers streamline their business processes and operational needs.




The main problems faced by the NWC/ RCBU at their stations:

  • Obsolete PLC & SCADA
  • Many sections in the plant don’t have PLC/SCADA
  • PLC & SCADA from various vendors, inconsistency
  • Difficult to maintain the system
  • High training cost
  • High maintenance cost
  • More downtime & Less productivity
  • Vital process information needed for operation not available.
  • No operation and Maintenance

NWC has picked ATC to achieve their following objectives:

  • Towards standardization: One standard PLC & SCADA system for each WTP
  • Consistence SCADA graphics for all the plants / stations and connected to central Galaxy SCADA form WW @ NWC-HQ
  • Consistence PLC programs for all the sites
  • Ease of maintenance for PLC & SCADA development / modification as all will be Unique.
  • Ease for the operators (can be shifted from one plant to another with minimal training)
  • To reduce maintenance & training cost
  • To reduce the downtime of the stations
  • To increase the productivity

ATC have been doing the following:

  • Preparation of Functional Design Specifications (FDS).
  • System Design and configuration for RCBU WTP & Stations SCADA upgrade sites.
  • Preparation of IO list.
  • Hardware and Software configuration of New PLCs
  • Supply and Installation of new panels
  • Modification of the MCCs, cable laying, termination to include all sections and 3rd party systems for remote control and monitoring.
  • FAT & SAT documents for the system.
  • FAT for the RIO Panels
  • O&M manuals.
  • Upgrading the PLC CPUs and connecting Bulk meters signals to new/Old RIOs.
  • Testing communication with Central GR at HQ.

The main feature of the project is:

  • It’s an Infrastructure SCADA project for the whole city and as we executed the Central SCADA for whole Country it is a Unique achievement that other companies.
  • It’s involves
    1. Water Treatment Plants : 7 no.
    2. Lifting stations : 10 no.
    3. Booster Stations : 29 no.
    4. Deep Wells : 124 no.
  • The system involves :
      • REDUNDANT SERVERS ( Data Acquisition)
      • HISTORIAN SERVRS ( Alarms, Trends, Reports)
      • WORKSTATIONS ( Interface between Operators and Process & control)
    2. Upgrade the system with HOT STANDBY REDUNDANT PLC’S of SCHNEIDER at WTPs
    3. Connecting the various section in the Plants through the New RIO panels to the main SCADA
    4. Provide new SOFREL RTU at each of the Booster Stations and Sewage Lifting Station
  • Various communications media involves in the project :
    1. GPRS
    2. Radio
    3. VSAT
    4. Fast ethernet
    5. Fiber optic

The impact project has been having are:

  • Complete stations data is available for operators. At a glance he can get the overall status of the stations complemented with Statistical Process Data, Alarm, Trends.
  • Various reports for plants managers, RCBU operations managers and High level management are available.
  • Control the demand of water for Riyadh city and control main feeders from SWCC .
  • More control of distribution of water and Water balance after connecting most of Booster stations to central SCADA as all capacity of distributed tanks and stations are monitored.
  • Less maintenance cost
  • All the sections in the stations are operated through a single local SCADA.
  • Easy to troubleshoot the system: can be done even remotely
  • Problems are quickly solved.
  • Less downtime as Alarm system sending reports to operation team.
  • More productivity
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