Logistics Solutions

We provide optimized and innovative solutions and services for storage and materials handling, including warehouse management systems.

Logistics Solutions

We provide a wide range of products and services within our end-to-end supply chain solutions. Our offerings include warehouse design services, warehouse construction, storage solutions, material handling equipment, supply-chain consulting, and technology and training services across multiple verticals.

We mobilise our own knowledge and expertise and our business partners’ in-depth expertise in the automotive, pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods industries to assist customers in transforming their supply chains by helping align business strategies and objectives with process and technology initiatives, procuring the right infrastructure products and technology solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability.

From designing warehouse floor plates assuring ease of movement and flow of material, to complete operational efficiency specifically configured with customers’ everyday business needs and challenges in mind, our proven warehouse technology and experience cover the complete logistics value chain from concept design, modelling and simulation to complete construction of steel structures.

Our technology is unique in the Middle East, enabling us to meet the most challenging design requirements tailored to our customers' individual needs.

Our solutions can be applied to:

  • Strategic network design and optimization, enabling companies to design their entire supply network with agility and profitability in mind. We help companies answer questions such as optimal sites, capacity, and size of fleet.
  • Warehouse / distribution centres, including multiple design options tailored to companies’ specifications. Recommendations include number of docks, space allocation, storage systems, material handling equipment, fire fighting / lighting / ventilation systems.
  • Warehouse construction / project management, supplying a qualified engineering team to build projects and manage contractors. Services offered include soil testing and foundations, electromechanical work, structures and flooring, lighting, office space and facilities, and security design.
  • Storage system design, supply and commissioning, offering a wide spectrum of storage solutions to suit any application. Our solutions include selective pallet racking for full selectivity, drive-in and drive-through racking solutions for greater storage capacity, flow-through racking systems for higher storage density, mobile racking for the highest storage density.
  • Material handling equipment, for storage / retrieval operations. We work with vendors across the world to supply equipment that fits any requirement, including hand pallet trucks (low and high lifting), manual and powered pallet trucks, walk-with, ride-on, stand-in and seated trucks, counterbalance trucks, reach trucks, VNA-guided trucks.
  • Warehouse automation design, to reduce cost, increase efficiency and accuracy, and allow handling higher volumes. Our automated systems include gravity and powered conveyers, sortation stations, storage systems, label printing and applying systems, packaging systems, transport systems, handling systems for special applications.
  • Technology solutions, to manage and utilise companies’ assets. We partner with many technology providers to deliver bespoke end-to-end supply chain solutions. Our offerings cover selection, tendering and project management; barcoding and labeling solutions; RFID systems (tags, interrogators, software); handheld units, mobile scanning and printing; warehouse and order fulfilment solutions; MHE, fleet management and access control systems. We provide services including overall solution design, vendor selection, hardware commissioning, software implementation, integration services and project management.
  • Warehouse equipment, to complete the supply chain. Our offerings include packaging equipment; manual and automatic industrial doors; dock levelers, shields and docks doors; battery handling and charging equipment; signage and floor marking; industrial cleaning equipment; barcode printers and scanners; lifts and vertical platforms; safety guards; and ramps.
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