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We develop high standard power generation systems using state-of-the-art technologies.

Decision-Maker Paralleling System

Decision-Maker Paralleling System

Decision_Maker Paralleling System

Total integration. From top to bottom.

When it comes to paralleling systems, Kohler offers 100% integration. Our Decision-Maker Paralleling System (DPS) is designed, engineered and factory-tested as a complete system, unlike other paralleling products built from a variety of components from numerous manufacturers.
Comprised of KOHLER® generators, controls and switchboards, DPS delivers dependable power across multiple applications.


Redundant Backup PowerTotal and complete protection. If one genset needs servicing, the DPS makes power available to your most critical loads.

Easy Expansion

Purchase a system that fits your budget today. And, in the future, we’ll expand on your DPS instead of completely replacing it.

Operational Savings

Saving has never been easier. The DPS automatically turns off generators when your needs are low.

Fast Lead Times

Our DPS is a standard product, no customization necessary. So you’ll get it faster than custom paralleling systems.

Optional Fuel Types

Mix and match any generator fuel types you want. Available for use with diesel, natural gas and LP fuel types in the same system.
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